Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Amazing Daft Punk Love Story Creation

Daft Punk may be the best Discovery of my life. When I'm listening, it's like coming Face to Face with Superheroes. My Emotion is like an On Off switch... I guess you could say I'm in Digital Love, which doesn't really make me Human After All. I mean, it's not like I wanna Make Love to a Short Circuit. But there's just Something About Us, me and that music. It's Technologic and it's pulsing through me. And I already feel like it's been Too Long, i just want to listen to it One More Time. You really have to listen to it in The Prime Time of Your Life and you'll find out this kind of Robot Rock makes you feel like you're living a High Life. 
And don't think Television Rules the Nation, you'll find out truly who The Brainwasher really is after you're dancing Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger than ever before. I swear, you'll feel Aerodynamic - or like a Voyager in a Steam Machine... with Night Vision!!! Sometimes the music will be very disco (; - Daft Punk is mysterious. And it's amazing what it can do.  <3

(every song from the albums human after all and discovery are on here except for Crescendolls... Since that word has essentially no real meaning. Although I did use Verdis Quo)~Cassie

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