Saturday, July 9, 2011

Uhh so I wrote this song. o3o And if you steal it, bitches I'll be all up on you. But I'm only putting the lyrics down not the actual song. 
Comment and tell me your thoughts :D 

~You got me~
Uh-oh, I'm falling for you again
Seems this cycle never ends
How can I be fixed when there's nothing here that's broken
But shut your lips, it's called respecting the unspoken
For the key to my heart please insert one token
You'll have me open
And I'm just hoping...

Please, drown me in your smile
Don't care if it's illusion 
It'll have me captured for a while-
I'm always missing you, don't know what to do
From the first time that I looked at you-u.

You make me smile
You make me stressed 
You make me laugh 
You're just the best 
Medicine for any sickness I've ever met...
You got me 
You got me
You got mee... 
You got me, 
You got me, 
You got mee...

And I like the way you talk 
Sound so honest, you're so funny
Got me tripping when I walk 
I feel like a composer when I tap computer keys
Typing all the things I feel when you look at me

You got me, 
You got me,
You got mee...


So meet me halfway, beneath the willow tree
We can talk and laugh in the warm summer breeze
And even if that never happens..
You got me.

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