Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was looking at my friends pictures on facebook, and it made me feel terrible...
All my friends are gorgeous. Seriously. All of them
And then I'm looking at these pictures halfway blinded because they're all so stunning. 
I'm not half as pretty. After being called ugly so much, it rubs off.
People look at my pictures and think
"I'm glad I don't look like her"
or "I'm glad I'm not friends with her"
Then there are pictures of me that are so...not me. 
Too much makeup, too much fake. 
And I get comments on those, like, good ones, but I don't really feel all that complimented.
Because you're not really looking at me. 
You're looking at a poser caked in makeup who worked for an hour on her hair.
That's just not me..
Every other girl I know is gorgeous without trying, gets asked out without flirting. 
Likes people who like them back.

Cuz then there's you
Dammit, I shouldn't like you. 
I shouldn't. Shit.


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  1. Everyone is beautiful...I think you are pretty I just did not want to say anything...Believe it or not,If you want to be like anyone else its natural but when you put yourself down you need someone else to talk to or or just to be with someone... either as a friend or boyfriend...Hey you wanna do something sometime, as friends....


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