Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Amazing Daft Punk Love Story Creation

Daft Punk may be the best Discovery of my life. When I'm listening, it's like coming Face to Face with Superheroes. My Emotion is like an On Off switch... I guess you could say I'm in Digital Love, which doesn't really make me Human After All. I mean, it's not like I wanna Make Love to a Short Circuit. But there's just Something About Us, me and that music. It's Technologic and it's pulsing through me. And I already feel like it's been Too Long, i just want to listen to it One More Time. You really have to listen to it in The Prime Time of Your Life and you'll find out this kind of Robot Rock makes you feel like you're living a High Life. 
And don't think Television Rules the Nation, you'll find out truly who The Brainwasher really is after you're dancing Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger than ever before. I swear, you'll feel Aerodynamic - or like a Voyager in a Steam Machine... with Night Vision!!! Sometimes the music will be very disco (; - Daft Punk is mysterious. And it's amazing what it can do.  <3

(every song from the albums human after all and discovery are on here except for Crescendolls... Since that word has essentially no real meaning. Although I did use Verdis Quo)~Cassie

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Uhh so I wrote this song. o3o And if you steal it, bitches I'll be all up on you. But I'm only putting the lyrics down not the actual song. 
Comment and tell me your thoughts :D 

~You got me~
Uh-oh, I'm falling for you again
Seems this cycle never ends
How can I be fixed when there's nothing here that's broken
But shut your lips, it's called respecting the unspoken
For the key to my heart please insert one token
You'll have me open
And I'm just hoping...

Please, drown me in your smile
Don't care if it's illusion 
It'll have me captured for a while-
I'm always missing you, don't know what to do
From the first time that I looked at you-u.

You make me smile
You make me stressed 
You make me laugh 
You're just the best 
Medicine for any sickness I've ever met...
You got me 
You got me
You got mee... 
You got me, 
You got me, 
You got mee...

And I like the way you talk 
Sound so honest, you're so funny
Got me tripping when I walk 
I feel like a composer when I tap computer keys
Typing all the things I feel when you look at me

You got me, 
You got me,
You got mee...


So meet me halfway, beneath the willow tree
We can talk and laugh in the warm summer breeze
And even if that never happens..
You got me.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Uh, this is going to be probably the most scattered thing you'll ever read ;D
I got no sleep last night and am jittery and tired at the same time from my coffee and am listening to tons of music and tons of webpages and and and and a nd BAM IT'S LIKE CHARLIE SHEEN ON COKE.
I watched those videos too BAHAHHAHAHA winning!!!
DUDE WHAT THE HELL. My brother is watching phineas and ferb and then I looked over and phineas has a different voice. What the hell. Like. What happened, did the one kid die?! And then got some other guy to did his voice. MAN MY PANTS ARE PANTLIKE.


That song is stuck to my head.
HAHA why'd I say to my head. I meant in my head. When really it's in my brain.
One time on facebook someone wrote "I have thoughts of you in my Brian."
I really hope that was somehow auto-correct lmfao fail.
Dudeeeeeeeeee Perry isn't even that cool wtf does Julie think he's cool? xD

Friday, July 1, 2011

I can see youuu.

At first I was all happy for you 'cuz you were happy, then I realized what you're doing doesn't add up.
You're using her as an outlet, and as a distraction. She's a nice girl with a pretty face, and it's like a neon billboard on a highway. You don't really care about what it has to say, but you want to look at it because it's inviting, because it's a distraction and you still can't tear your eyes from the road.  And she's distracting, it's dangerous to try and deceive yourself like that because when you realize your main focus is the road, you'll have already crashed. Pretending that the road isn't there is only going to make you crash harder.
But the billboard...Her....
She's going to be messed up, too. Once she sees what your doing to get other things off your mind, she'll be crashing just as hard as you. She's falling big time for you.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sometimes, I get this overwhelming feeling of missing you...
It's weird, really. It would be a bright, sunny day and I'll be listening to music without a care, then BAM. 
I realize that you're gone, and I really, really, wish you were here.
I don't like you, I think.
And I know you don't like me. 
And sometimes, I think I can't make it through another day, then I think what you've gone through. 
I mean, if I had to analyze it all, it'd sound like I like you. But I don't. 
I love you, but as a friend, of course.
And I don't know what I would do if you weren't my friend. 

Youu always make me laugh. And you're good to talk to and such. 
So yeah.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was looking at my friends pictures on facebook, and it made me feel terrible...
All my friends are gorgeous. Seriously. All of them
And then I'm looking at these pictures halfway blinded because they're all so stunning. 
I'm not half as pretty. After being called ugly so much, it rubs off.
People look at my pictures and think
"I'm glad I don't look like her"
or "I'm glad I'm not friends with her"
Then there are pictures of me that are so...not me. 
Too much makeup, too much fake. 
And I get comments on those, like, good ones, but I don't really feel all that complimented.
Because you're not really looking at me. 
You're looking at a poser caked in makeup who worked for an hour on her hair.
That's just not me..
Every other girl I know is gorgeous without trying, gets asked out without flirting. 
Likes people who like them back.

Cuz then there's you
Dammit, I shouldn't like you. 
I shouldn't. Shit.


Monday, May 30, 2011


Hell to the YES! :D I finally regained control of my blog.
My three devil- like computers wouldn't let me get on this blog, but would only 
allow me to access my other blog, "Poems N' Things" where I posted a blog 
that would usually take place on this blog.
Poor This Blog. I think it missed me..... </3
It has been a really busy few weeks, and I would of posted why on this blog...
But now I forget everything worth posting. So instead enjoy this dancing turtle.
I don't know if that actually showed up. I don't think so. I'll post again soon! Bye