Friday, July 1, 2011

I can see youuu.

At first I was all happy for you 'cuz you were happy, then I realized what you're doing doesn't add up.
You're using her as an outlet, and as a distraction. She's a nice girl with a pretty face, and it's like a neon billboard on a highway. You don't really care about what it has to say, but you want to look at it because it's inviting, because it's a distraction and you still can't tear your eyes from the road.  And she's distracting, it's dangerous to try and deceive yourself like that because when you realize your main focus is the road, you'll have already crashed. Pretending that the road isn't there is only going to make you crash harder.
But the billboard...Her....
She's going to be messed up, too. Once she sees what your doing to get other things off your mind, she'll be crashing just as hard as you. She's falling big time for you.

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