Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thinking Out Loud...

I'm hurting you for your own good,
I'd die for you- you know I would,
I'd give up all my wealth 
To buy you back the soul you never sold
[Liar-Emilie Autumn]

I hope you're suffering, I hope you hate me as much as I hate you. 
When the day comes, you'll be sorry you ever fucked with me.
You'll be sorry you ever fucked with her.
You'll be sorry you ever fucked with him.
I hope you see this, and I hope you get scared. You seem a bit too happy now.

Anyways, I'm currently at home sick. Alone. And listening to Emilie Autumn. 
I've reached a point though, where a lot of her songs creep me out. xD Like "I know where you sleep"
The lyrics are so twisted.
I'm kinda in a weird mood.
Well, I'm going to leave now. O_o

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