Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here are a few notes/letters that I scribbled up, but don't ever have the guts to give them to people.
So I'll post them here.
I'll write in the color that seems to describe you. Maybe you can figure it out...?

Dear Him:
I like you, and I want you to be happy. 
But how can I not want you to stop dating her?

Dear Him:
I want things to be less awkward. 
Remember how they used to be?
Remember all the times we've had?

Dear Her:
I want you to stop following other people.
Get a personality of your own. 
And Get Off My Ass.

Dear Him:
I want you to stop. I want more than anything for you to be happy.
I hope nobody ever breaks your heart.
If they break your heart, I'll break their face.
You're a really amazing person and tons of people care about you a lot. 
Including me. So never do anything...

Dear Him:
You're an amazing musician and all, but you come off as a jerk.
I've seen your good side though(:

Dear Her:
You're not in love. 
I don't care how many times you've kissed him.

Dear Her:
You were my best friend, what happened?):
Suddenly, you were dating him, and you hated me.
Still don't get it.
After two years, I still don't get what happened.

Dear Him:
First thing I ever noticed about you?
You stay happy. When people get you down, you don't show it.
You have an amazing personality.
Keep staying happy(:

Dear Her:
You are the person I can come to with the silliest questions, 
You are the person who I can laugh and joke and cry with.
You keep all my secrets, and you are my bestfriend(:
Never think you aren't beautiful. 
God makes no mistakes x]

Dear Him:
I can't believe you put up with me that night xD
You actually stayed up into the early morning listening to my problems.
You may be annoying, but you're not a bad person.

Dear Her:
You are so freakin' cool!
I love your blog.
I looooove your house.
I love yer personality, even though I thought you hated me at first.
Turns out your just fluent in sarcasm. xD

Dear Her:
I think you're a great person.
I know how much you've struggled, and I totally get that.
You're not going crazy though.

Dear Everyone:
If you're reading this blog at all, I appreciate it.
A lot.
It's actually really amazing, just seeing as many views as I have.
I love you guys(:

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