Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tis the season...

I'm pretty happy noww(:
I have a comfy new robe and suchh. I feel like documenting my presents so I don't forget them.. heh...

  • iHome! I'm sooo happy. The sound quality is just awesome! I needed a new alarm clock, too. 
  • a new robe- My old one was getting worn out I just sit in it all day xD
  • candy- I got fricken crazy amounts of candy... I'm bringing it all to school next monday......then again... maybe not(;
  • 25 minutes for on my phone, I'm pretty mad at my dad for that. >:( He was saying unlimited text.
  • Optical illusions book- it's kinda cool
  • a winter hat, a shirt, legwarmers, some tights, and a sweater thats preppyishh x]
  • ipod case& purple earbuds- the case is SO FREAKIN COOL.
  • bathroom shelves, my towel thing broke. I hate the shelves though, they stick out really far and my bathroom is teeny -_- I didn't really need them anyway...
  • socks! I got so many socks.... Socks galore... xD
  • perfume, lotion, chapstick, makeup...  
I feel pretty spoiled when I write it all down, but I wasn't expecting any of it except the iPod case and perfume.....So I guess I didn't love it all. But I liked it fasho!

Going to go sing in teh shower, mkay? 3:) <3

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